Organised Retrieve

Competition organiser Darren Brown, is trying to organise a retrieve bus/es for those that require it. Costs will announced at a later date when we have an idea of numbers. Anyone who might find this service useful are asked to login and update their account details where they will find a nice little tick box to tick. Those interested and have ticked the box  follow below.

Name Your T Shirt Size
Alexander Barvinskiy Male Large
Alexandra Serebrennikova Female Small
Andrea Franchi Male Medium
andrew hollidge Male Medium
andy hollidge Male Medium
Angus Pinkerton Male Large
Antoine Saraf Male Medium
Arne Tänzer Male Medium
Ben Philpott Male Medium
Bill Bell Male Medium
brad porter Male Small
Bublyk Yevgen Male Medium
Carl Wallbank Male Medium
Carlos Leon Male Medium
Charlie King Female Small
chett test Male Medium
Christian Pollet Male Medium
Christopher Pyle Male Medium
craig dolwin Male Small
Damien Zahn Male Medium
dan balla Female Medium
Daniel Martin Mota Male Medium
Darren Brown Male Medium
Dave Cooper Male Large
Dave Matthews Male Medium
David Dewhurst Male Medium
David Tubert Saubi Male Medium
Davide Guiducci Male Medium
Dmitrii Kozlov Male Medium
Donnie Carson Male Large
Duncan MacDonald Male Medium
Eduardo Oliveira Male Extra Large
Enda Carrigan Male Medium
Evgen Lysenko Male Medium
Federico De Angelis Male Large
Frank Seide Male Medium
Gary Wirdnam Male Medium
Gianluca cimmino Male Large
Gordon rigg Male Large
Grant Crossingham Male Small
Greg Emms Male Medium
Hadewych van Kempen Female Small
Heath Eccles Male Extra Large
Igor Zhukovin Male Medium
Jaroslav Trestik Male Large
Jason Prior Male Medium
Jeremy Soper Male Medium
Joachim Waibel Male Medium
Jochen Zeischka Male Large
Joerg Bajewski Male Extra Large
John Cheale Male Large
John Mc Bride Male Medium
John Thompson Male Large
Johnny Carr Male Large
Jonas Willemeit Male Medium
jose maria iriarte ziritza Male Small
Jozef Bardoczy Male Large
Juergen Buchert Male Medium
Julia Burlachenko Female Medium
Julian Todd Male Large
Juri Bressanello Male Large
Kathleen Rigg Female Large
Keith Diamond Male Small
Konrad Lüders Male Large
Konstantin Lukyanov Male Medium
LAPORTE Sylvain Male Large
Lorenzo De Grandis Male Large
Lorenzo Labrador Male Medium
Luke Nicol Male Large
Malcolm Brown Male Medium
Manuel Gomez de Pablos Moya Male Large
Manuel REVELLI Male Medium
Marci Laurenzi Male Medium
Mario Carlos Campanella Male Medium
Massimo Pugi Male Medium
Matjaz Klemencic Male Medium
Michał Olszewski Male Large
Mike Lake Male Extra Large
Ned Pitt Knowles Male Large
Neil Atkinson Male Extra Large
Nestor Londono Male Medium
Nigel Bray Male Large
Olav Opsanger Male Extra Large
Oleg Matvieiev Male Large
Oliver Moffatt Male Medium
Olivier Bollaerts Male Medium
Ollie Chitty Male Extra Large
Paul Boyd Male Extra Large
Paul Harvey Male Small
Pete Helliwell Male Large
Petr Polach Male Large
phil chett Male Large
Phil Southward Male Large
Pieter du Preez Male Large
Ricardo Marques da Costa Male Medium
Rich Lovelace Male Medium