Day Three

  • Posted on: 21 June 2016
  • By: admin

Up to Chabre again, with no diversions this time.
Launching from the south side this time, just short of 40 pilots went for the around 70 k task.
Lots in Goal. Ok, most in Goal, including James Chancellor who got a well earned round of applause on arrival, flying his WW Sport 2.
One pilot also got to goal but started well early, so scored min distance. The scorer hates it when things like this happens, but that;s competition flying for you.
Richard Hunt also made Goal, it was here four years ago that he did that, so well chuffed.
You may be getting used to the fact now, that the scores are below.
But in summary

Flexwing winner is Carl Wallbank followed by Luke Nicol and Ollie Chitty
Rigid Wing Winner is Paul Harvey followed by Stewart Reid and Mike Armstrong.

Role on tomorrow