2019 British Nationals and Ager Open

  • Posted on: 29 January 2019
  • By: admin


The British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association's Hang Gliding Competitions Panel are pleased to announce the arrangements for this year's competition to select the 2019 British National Class 1, Class 5 and Sport Class HG Champions, to be held in Ager, Spain, from 25th to 31th August 2019.

This will serve as an open Cat 2 event that will attract a number of international pilots. The site of the Montsec D'ares will be used and the competition's headquarters will be at Cal Maciarol - which is on the road to take-off.

Competition Outline
The 2019 UK Nationals and AgerOpen is divided into three sections:
1. UK Nationals - open only to UK pilots, who must be rated Advanced Pilot
2. Ager Open - open to pilots of any nationality, with a rating equivalent to Pilot.
You will be automatically entered into whichever category fits your nationality and rating - this doesn't affect the tasks, only where you show in the results.
3. Sport Class - open to any pilot with a rating equivalent to Pilot flying a kingposted glider.  This class generally involves smaller tasks that are more achievable for less experienced cross country pilots.  Though don't be fooled... the competition is still high!

Whilst the competition is fierce and each place in the rankings will be hard fought, the main aim of this event is fun for all in a safe environment.  The atmosphere is welcoming and friendly with a large focus on developing and improving your skills.  This is an opportunity to mix with pilots at your own level who can support you, and also some of the world's top pilots, who are a very friendly bunch and will happily impart their knowledge and skills to you.  Until you start beating them of course.



Cal Maciarol : Ager: Spain

Start Date Sunday 25th August
Finish Date Saturday 31st August
Cost Min £140  Max 200 euros
Registration  Online and at campsite from Sat 24th August
Local Organiser Darren Brown
Meet Director Nicky Moss
Scorer Phil Chett
Status FAI CAT 2
Classes Class 1 : Class 5 : Sports Class
Livetracking TBA