2018 British Nationals T Shirt Competition

Now we have the venue confirmed as Laragne, it's time for the budding artists amongst you to get on your thinking caps and create a design for the 2018 British Nationals T Shirt. Past years have seen some very creative and fun designs, though this year it would be great to create something even better!

Prize: Bragging rights & seeing your design worn by everyone.

Rules / Guide:
1. Recommend no more than 4 colours due to cost. But if you have something multi-coloured and amazing, it will still be considered.
2. It should identify the T Shirt as for the 2018 British National Hang-gliding Championships. The exact wording is up to you.
3. Any regularly used format is acceptable, though we may ask to change it later - eg. PDF, jpeg etc. 
4. It should be submitted to me by email: darrenbrown50@hotmail.com.
5. The T Shirt background colour is up for grabs - so specify what you think suits your design.
6. The winner will be decided by me, in conjunction with the comps panel. The decision will be subject to cost and the 'do-ability' of the design.

Entries submitted by 28th February please. You've got over a month to come up with an award winning, world beating design!

Good luck! Darren.