Local Rules

  • Posted on: 13 August 2018
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Organised by UK Hang Gliding Competitions Panel
on behalf of the
British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association

These local regulations are to be used in conjunction with the most recent versions of:

  • General Section of the FAI Sporting FAI Sporting Code
  • Common Section 7 of the FAI Sporting FAI Sporting Code
  • Section 7A of the FAI Sporting FAI Sporting Code
  • Section 7A XC and CIVL GAP Annex

1 - Contacts
Organising NAC: UK HG Comps Panel
Competition organiser: Darren Brown
Official website: http://nats.bhgcomps.uk
2 - Officials
Event organiser: Darren BROWN
Meet director: Jenny BUCK
Livetracking coordinator: Phil CHETTLEBURGH
Weather forecast: Lorenzo LABRADOR
Medic: Sam BUTLER
3 - Programme
Official Registration:               25/08/2018 1500-2000 @campingmonteglin, Laragne, France
Mandatory Safety Briefing:     26/08/2018 0900 Location - Briefing tent @campintmonteglin
Contest flying days:                 26/08/2018 - 1/9/18
Prize-giving:                             01/09/2018 Time TBC
Competition Social:                 To be advised
The hours are subject to change. Any changes before the start of the competition will be posted on the website. After the start of the competition, changes will be announced by the Meet Director at the daily briefing and advised via the WhatsApp Group UK Nationals 2018
Daily Schedule on Competition days:
0900: Briefing @CampingMonteglin
1100: Task and Safety Committee meetings
1145: Pilot briefing /Task briefing
TBC: Take-off window opens:
TBC: Scoring office opens
2200: Provisional results
The daily schedule is subject to change.
Any changes to the schedule before the start of the competition will be posted on the website.
After the start of the competition, changes will be announced by the Meet Director at the daily briefing and advised via the WhatsApp Group UK Nationals 2018 

4 - Entry
The maximum number of pilots in the championship is 100
5 - Eligibility to compete
Eligibility to compete in the UK Nationals Main class is BHPA Advanced Pilot Rating.
Eligibility to compete in the Sports Class is BHPA Pilot Rating
Eligibility to complete in the Chabre Open is minimum BHPA Pilot rating and for non UK Participants National Rating Card and IPPI Card Stage 5 (Senior Pilot)
6 - Application to compete
Applications can be made through the Nationals Website or in person on 25/8/18 @campingmonteglin
7 - Payments
The entry fee payment process is explained and payable on the website  or can be made in cash on registration day.
8 - Entry Fee
The Entry fee will be:

  • Online registration and payment made on or after 16th May 2018: £175.00
  • No Online registration and pay at the competition: €200

9 - Registration
Registration according to Common Section 7-5.2 and Section 7A-2.
Entry forms will be completed, checked and signed.
10 - Insurance
The organisers require documentary proof in English of valid Insurance covering public liability risk to the value of minimum 750 000 Euro (or monetary equivalent) be presented to the organisers at registration.
All participants must have a valid medical health care insurance (covering all hospital expenses, rescue and repatriation). It is each pilots responsibility to ensure that his medical insurance cover him/her specifically for Hang Gliding competition events.
*For Laragne, French residents are excluded from the requirement for Medical evacuation and repatriation insurance.
11 - Equipment
All equipment must comply with Section 7A-4 and 8, and CIVL GAP.
in addition pilots are required to fly with: mobile telephone and  2m radio.
Task Advisory Committee
According to Common Section 7 4.3.1 will include the Meet Director plus 3 pilots from the Nationals Main Class and may include a local or suitably experienced international pilot
Safety Committee
A safety committee lead will be selected by the MD. It will include 5 pilots formed by the head of the safety committee comprising of a minimum 3 pilots from the main class and up to 2 pilots from the sports class (see Common Section 7-4.4.2).
13 - Take-off sites
As per the official website; main take offs will be Chabre ridge (North/South take off to be decided by MD) and Aspres sur Buech. If weather conditions dictate, alternate take offs may be considered.
14 - Flying days
A flying day is defined as a day when the launch window has been opened
15 - Launch
In accordance with Section 7A-3 the launch system is open window. The launch lane system will be briefed daily, site dependant.
 A competitor will be allowed a maximum of 2 take offs providing start gate has not been taken. The flight must be logged and stored for verification purposes. The re-light must be reported to the MD prior to the second launch.
Launch window
For the task to be valid, the launch window must be open for at least 45minutes.
16 - Airspace and other restrictions
There are no specific airspace limitations bar those on the waypoints/airspace files. Any changes to these occurring during a task will be briefed to the pilots. NOTAMs will be issued for the site during the competition to ensure maximum safety precautions are met.
Airspace files will be provided in openair format.
17 - Goal
There are no goal specific rules. Competition area has sufficient safe landing points.
18 - Pre-Flyers and Free flyers
According to Common Section 7-7.
19 - Safety Issues
According to Section 7A 8.7 Pilots are to report to the MD in the first instance.
20 - Live-tracking
Use of live tracking is voluntary but recommended and in accordance with Section 7A-
21 - Scoring
According to Section 7A-4.
Scoring will use the FS scoring program, using CIVL GAP scoring formula 2016
The GPS map datum is WGS 84 and the coordinate format to be used is Minutes (d°m.m')

  C1 & C5 Sports
GAP Formula 2016 2016
Minimum Distance 7 7
Nominal distance 70 45
Nominal Time 1:30 1:00
Nominal Launch 96 96
Nominal Goal 0.3 0.3
stop task Bonus Glide ratio 5 5
Jump The Gun factor 2 2
Jump The Gun Max 300 300
Time points if not in goal 80 80
Arrival  position points 1 1
Arrival time points 0 0
Departure Points 0 0
difficulty for distance 1 1
distance points 1 1
Distance Squared for lc 1 1
Leading points 1 1
Semi circle goal 0 0
Time Points 1 1
Min time span for valid task 90 90
Score back time 15 15
Waypoint tolerance 0.5% 0.5%
Map datum WGS 84 WGS 84
Format Degrees and Decimal Minutes 
primary source GPS / livetrack 24

Cylinder radii will be measured using FAI Sphere for scoring with 0.5% tolerance applied (2019 onwards we expect to use WGS84, with reduced tolerance).
22 - Penalties
According to Section 7A-6.
23 - Complaints and protests
As per General Section and Section 7A-7.
Pilots are advised to read Common Section 7-14 before making a complaint or a protest.
The fee for protest will be 50 Euros
An independent protest committee will be appointed to decide if any protest should be upheld.