2019 : 22-23 Penalties and Complaints

  • Posted on: 15 August 2019
  • By: admin

22 - Penalties

According to Section 7A – 6, except otherwise stated here.
• Flying without a Live-Tracker or comprise its functionality or turning it off in flight
1st offence: 300 points.
2nd offence: zero for the task.
• Failure to report back.
1st offence: Warning and take-off as last pilot in his/her lane the day after.
2nd offence: zero for the task.

23 - Complaints and protests

As per General Section and Section 7A-7.
Pilots are advised to read Common Section 7-14 before making a complaint or a protest.
The fee for protest will be 50 Euros
An independent protest committee will be appointed to decide if any protest should be upheld.