Day Three

  • Posted on: 21 June 2016
  • By: admin
Goal Field

Up to Chabre again, with no diversions this time.
Launching from the south side this time, just short of 40 pilots went for the around 70 k task.
Lots in Goal. Ok, most in Goal, including James Chancellor who got a well earned round of applause on arrival, flying his WW Sport 2.
One pilot also got to goal but started well early, so scored min distance. The scorer hates it when things like this happens, but that;s competition flying for you.
Richard Hunt also made Goal, it was here four years ago that he did that, so well chuffed.

Day Two

  • Posted on: 20 June 2016
  • By: admin

All the weather models pointed to Aspes, so that's were we went.
Only to turn round again and go to Chabre because it was a tad windy
40 ish pilots were given a just short of 80km task finishing at the camping site.
Very provisional scores are below, but as long as the scorer hasn't made a monumental cock up it looks like:
Flexwing  Winner is Whooshy Grant Crossingham followed by Whoohsy Carl Wallbank, and the Flappy Gordon Rigg,
Rigidwing Winner is Paul Harvey followed by Tim King and Mike Armstrong


Day One

  • Posted on: 19 June 2016
  • By: admin
the rabble

Just over 40 pilots (with possibily more to come) gathered together for the 9:30 am briefing. Her majesty the right honourable Jenny Buck soon took command of the rabble and introduced key staff members. The briefing proper then started and paused a number of times to admonish a particular heckler, before introducing Lorenzo, our weather reporter A lengthily report was given, yet summaries with one word. "Doomed". Day canned Tomorrow looks a lot better.

Retrieve Bus

  • Posted on: 5 June 2016
  • By: admin

We have secured a van / minibus for retrieve at the Nationals and are in the process of negotiating a price.

I'm not sure how many people it will take yet, but the names I have so far who need this service are:

Shaun Kimberley
Dan Balla
James Chancellor

Bus now full up!

Is there anyone else who requires this service?  I'm guessing we will be able to accommodate around 6/7 people, so it will be first come, first served.
Please contact me to put your name down.

Thank you

Waypoints for Laragne

101087    N 43 57 34.29    E 006 30 44.32   883  ATTERO ST ANDRE
102095    N 44 49 02.78    E 005 46 56.11   957  LE VERDIER
103136    N 44 21 00.12    E 006 22 39.96  1360  SAINT-PONS
104043    N 44 02 41.58    E 006 01 49.80   430  MALIJAI
105051    N 44 02 15.24    E 006 08 58.86   510  LE CHAFFAUT-SAIN

2016 UK Nationals and Chabre Open

  • Posted on: 16 February 2016
  • By: admin

We have now have all the permissions from all concerned so we are now happy to confirm the British Nationals will be:-
Date: Sunday, June 19, 2016 to Saturday, June 25, 2016
Location: Laragne
Status: Confirmed

Registration Details

Members of the Competition team will be somewhere at the Competition Base Camping de Montéglin  From 2:00pm on Saturday June 18th 

Day One Briefing

Will be at 9:30 am  on Sunday the 19th


Downloads from Logging Devices will be available from 7:00 pm till 10:00 pm at which time provisional scores will be produced
Late entries may be taken after 10pm if the scorer is available, or from 9:00 till 10 am the next day. Except the last day.

Text in by:

All Pilots are asked to text "down safe"  ABS(absent) or DNF (did not fly) to the Scorer as soon as possible
Text: +44 7427684637

The Team:

Local Organiser  :  Darren Brown
Meet Director     :   Major Jenny Buck
Scorer                :  Phil Chett